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The Charlemont High Past Student Association (C.H.S.P.S.A) is a non-profit organization. We started our organization in June 2008. Our vision is to make C.H.S.P.S.A. an organization that would promote our core values. As our school motto states “Striving Always for Excellence.”


The association’s values include a deep involvement in the community, giving students and past students alike a place to channel positive actions which in turn will not only benefit the school itself but also our nation.

Over the past years there has been many talks of a past student association for Charlemont High, we have taken on the challenge and have started what we know will become one of the most prestigious and successful organizations.

In the future, we would like to further advance our core values as-well-as taking on additional projects. Here are some of the things that we are planning on doing to promote our objectives:

• Coordinating various fundraising events.
• Assisting current students by means of developing scholarships.
• Getting the business community more involved in our cause.
• Recognition to individual(s) who have done outstanding services
as it relates to our Alma-Mata.
• Heavy participation in school and community events.

We would also like to create a sense of unity between us, other past student associations and other non-profit organizations. We believe that this is crucial to our abilities to network and have more opportunities available to us.

To make this organization the success that it can be, we will need member involvement and dedication.

Brief History of Charlemont High School

Charlemont has come a long way since the institution opened it's doors on September 11, 1978. Back then the school had a teaching staff of nine and two hundred and twenty students with only three first and second forms.

By the time the first batch of students graduated in July- 1982, the student population was well over six hundred with thirty teachers on staff. There has been significant growth and major accomplishments to date. A sixth form has been added, a music room built, expansion was made to the 'tuck shop' and many more. Not only has the campus and student body grown over the years, but there has been numerous accomplishments made by the student body.


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